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Ferry Information TESO

To go to the island of Texel you have to drive to Den Helder in the North of Holland. From Den Helder the boat to Texel goes every hour. On busy days the boat will go 2 times in an hour. For more information about the ferry or to buy ferry tickets online, have a look at the website

Route on Texel

Wenn you arrive with the ferry from Den Helder you have to go straight ahead on the Pontweg in the direction of De Koog. At exit 11 you have to take the roundabout and turn left. You will drive on the Rozendijk now, after about 200 meters you have to take the first street on the right, this is the Grensweg. After 200 meters you will see the entrance of Holidaypark Dennenoord at your righthand site.

Parking on Texel

To park on Texel you need to buy a parking e-vignet or you can pay at the parking machines on the island. You don't need to have a ticket or sticker on your car, you will be checked on your licenseplate number.
The e-vignet is valid for one day, a week or a year.  You also need this vignet at the beaches.
For more information or to buy this vignet you can go to the following website:

Route with Google Maps