Park rules

• The accommodations are available on the day of arrival at 3 p.m. and on the day of departure you have to leave the accommodation before 10 a.m.
• All our accommodations are non-smoking. It is not allowed to smoke inside!
• Please leave your accommodation tidy!
• Any damage on the accommodation you have to report to the reception immediately. Dennenoord can charge it into your account. On departure we are allowed to check your accommodation.
• In the accommodation is a maximum of 4 or 6 persons allowed, it depends on the number of beds. It is not allowed to bring extra beds.
• The campingsite is available on the day of arrival at 1 p.m. and on the day of departure you have to leave the campsite before 11 a.m.  
• You can park your car on the parking spot near the campsite, there is a maximum of 1 car per campsite.
• You have 16 ampere power.
• Per campingsite you have a privat unit with shower, toilet and sink. You will get your own key for this unit and we will ask a deposit for it. On departure you will give us the key back and we will check if the unit is tidy. After we have checked it you will get your deposit back.
• We have a special place to clean your chemical toilet.
• Please leave your campingsite tidy!
• Your dog is welcome at Dennenoord.
Please follow the following rules:
- maximum 2 dogs per accommodation
- don't let the dog on beds or couch
- keep your dog leashed
- please clean up poop, there are free poop bags available at special stations on various locations at the park.
Park in general:
• Dennenoord is car-free. Park your car during your stay on the parking spot near the reception or the campsite when you stay there. Parking is free. On arrival and departure you can load and unload your car. You will get 2 coins at the reception on arrival for the gate.
For your own safety and the safety of our children the maximum spead is 10 km.
• Please keep Dennenoord tidy and leave your waste, paper and glass in the special containers near the reception.
• Please be quiet in between 10 p.m and 8 a.m.
• Dennenoord can ask for a deposit when needed.
• Dennenoord is not liable for accidents, missing goods or damage.
• You are allowed to barbecue on the park. Please do this on the gras and not on the porch.
• Open fire is not allowed.
• Don't feed the wild birds, they can cause a lot of trouble.
• It is possible that there is work in progress on the park during your stay.
• Please follow the instructions of our staff in case of an emergency.
• Dennenoord follows the conditions of the Recron on all our agreements with the guests.